Admin All-In-One Cmds (CS)3.3 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZ
Admin Armor2.0 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZ
Admin Blanks1.2.0AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Bury1.0AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Clexec1.1AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Disarm1.3AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Fire1.1AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Flash1.1AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Float1.5AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Gag2.4AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Glow2.0AMX Mod TeamALL
Admin Godmode1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Gravity1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Heal1.0AMX Mod TeamSeeSeeSee
Admin Llama2.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Maxspeed2.0 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Models0.2AMX Mod UserALLSeeSee
Admin Money1.0 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
Admin NoBuy1.2 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Noclip1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Permission0.2KleeneXALLSeeSee
Admin Poison1.2AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Revive0.2 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Rocket1.4AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Slay 21.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Spectator ESP1.3.1KoSTCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Stack1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Teleport1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Thunder1.1AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Admin Weapon2.1 CSAMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Hierarchy0.2bugsyALLSeeSee
Unlimited Ammo0.3.2v3xCS & CZSeeSee
AMX Auto-Slay0.1.1cfezhALLSeeSee
AMX Blind1.1AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Bloody Slap1.0.4tutyALLSeeSee
AMX Change Score0.1AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
AMX Damage0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Weapon Drop2.0BreaKer/AMX UserCS & CZSeeSee
Eject CD0.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
C4 Force Explode0.2Alka & regalisCS & CZSeeSee
AMX Glue2.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
AMX HitZones0.6KRoT@LALLSeeSee
AMX Hostname1.0xPawALLSeeSee
AMX Last Info0.1AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
AMX Log0.2.3fezhALLSeeSee
AMX Monster0.4KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Teleport to Enemy Spawn0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
CS User Model Menuz0.13AvalancheCS & CZSeeSee
Daylight Changer1.2.0Twilight SuzukaALLSeeSee
Ent Mod Manager0.2AMX Mod UserALLSeeSee
Fake DeathMsg0.2AssKicRALLSeeSee
IP Country0.2DokTorALLSeeSee
Jedi Force Grab1.2SpaceDudeALLSeeSee
Jump Train0.2DokTorALLSeeSee
Move ‘n Create0.1.7KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Plugins File Manager0.2AMX Mod UserALLSeeSee
Private Chat [Room]1.1AlkaSeeSeeSee
Ban Old Menu (Players Left)0.3SeatherALLSeeSee
Server Admins1.0little ruffyALLSeeSee
Show Ping0.1DokTorALLSeeSee
Slay All1.0AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Fix Echo Sounds1.1ThrosturALLSeeSee
Speed Hack1.2Hawk552ALLSeeSee
Spray ID1.1.3Cheesy PetezaALLSeeSee
Sprites Show1.9KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Surf Ski 2 Admin Menu4.0.3atutyCS & CZSeeSee
sXe Plugin (Ban & Screen)1.1AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Throw Like a Girl0.2AMX Mod TeamSeeSeeSee
Unlimited Money2.1NL)Ramon(NLCS & CZSeeSee
Vexd Model Change0.0.2AMX Mod TeamALLSeeSee
Vision Alien1.3AMX Mod TeamSeeSeeSee
Enhanced Voices Management0.2Zor/DokTorCS & CZSeeSee
Weapons Menu1.6Mattcook/xero..CS & CZSeeSee
Admin Chat Colors2.0ArionCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Chat Colors2.1Arion/ExolentCS & CZSeeSee
Admin Mark1.4KaLoSZyFeRCS & CZSee
Admin Pelerin1.4KaLoSZyFeRCS & CZSee
Admin Spray0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Admin as Vip0.1ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
AdThemes1.8.1Vet (3TT3V)CS & CZSeeSee
Advanced Chat Blocker1.1fezhALLSeeSee
All Chat1.1Ian CammarataCS & CZSee
Spray Blocker1.2aleonard19941CS & CZSeeSee
Armoury Editor0.2JGHGCS & CZSeeSee
Auto CT Join1.0ExolentCSSee
Auto-Responder (from file)0.4v3xALLSeeSee
Automatic Unstuck1.6NL)Ramon(NLALLSeeSee
Back Weapons2.0-AMXCheap_SuitCS & CZSee
Bad Spawns Preventer1.2xPawALLSee
Bomb Blast0.4K.K.LvCS & CZSee
Bonus1.1TitANiousCS & CZSee
Change Models1.4.4KRoT@LALLSee
Change Models Player1.4.4-PKRoT@LALLSee
Chat Logger2.1aJimCS & CZSee
Colored Spawn1.2.3fezhALLSee
Country Chat1.1nikhilgupta345ALLSee
Custom Sky1.1Cheap_SuitALLSee
Day/Night Effect1.4DestroALLSeeSee
Dead Name Change0.1VENCS & CZSee
Player Disconnect Info.0.3v3xALLSee
Emoticons Displayer1.1AlkaALLSee
Endround Team Swap1.0AvalancheCS & CZSee
Enemy Radar1.32AdaskoMXCS & CZSee
Server Feedback1.7DoombringerALLSeeSee
Fullupdate Blocker1.2JTP10181ALLEnglishSee
Health Display11.1ExolentCS & CZSeeSee
HLTV AutoRecord1.7Dr.AftALLEnglishSee
Hostage HP1.2AssKicRCS & CZSee
Hostages Sounds0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Lame Connection Punisher1.2MeRcyLeZZALLSeeSee
Map Armouries Invisibility0.3VENCS & CZSeeSee
Max Viewable Distance Changer1.1xPawALLSee
Money HUD Effect0.9Sh!nECS & CZSee
No Ads0.1dDokTorCS & CZSeeSee
No Touch/Pressure Breakables1.1beastALLSee
Open doors with a shot1.0StarsailorALLSee
Simple Private Message0.0.2ExolentSeeSeeSee
[POST] Message Type2.1tutySeeSeeSee
PSP Fixer0.3.1Simon LogicALLSeeSee
Random Skies2.0.1tutyALLSee
Repair Damage0.1v3x & FoX RiderCS & CZSeeSee
Round Non-Stop0.1.2Simon LogicCS & CZSeeSee
Roundend Blocker1.1.100NextraCS & CZSee
ScoreBoard Title1.0xPawALLSee
Silence The Dead1.0.0d i g i t a lALLSeeSee
Silent Hostages0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Simple Advertiser (Chat)0.1AMX Mod UserSeeSeeSee
Sprite Importer3.1KleeneXALLSeeSee
Survival Frags0.43DiCS & CZSeeSee
Team Join Management0.3ExolentCS & CZSee
Advanced Bullet Damage1.1Sn!ff3rALLSee
Admin Check1.60OneEyedSeeSeeSee
Aim Info + Country1.4xPawALLSee
Bomb Scenario1.0xPawCS 1.6See
Bullet Damage0.0.2ConnorMcLeodALLSee
Country On Name1.0.1Bboy GrunALLSee
Easy Info0.3Dah-VidCS & CZEnglishSee
Enhanced FPH0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Force Retry Depends On Ratio0.3v3xCS & CZSeeSee
Health & Armor in Scoreboard1.4AlucardSeeSeeSee
Death HitPlace Details1.0AlkaCS & CZSeeSee
Hostname Timeleft1.0xPawALLSee
Info Rank0.3.0ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Misc. Stats (Triple)2010.1AMX Mod TeamCS & CZSeeSee
ResetScore0.2.1aNNakinCS & CZSeeSee
Show Admins Online1.2vato loco/AlkaALLSeeSee
Show Teammate’s Money1.3.2K.K.LvCS & CZSeeSee
[ESF] Show Damage1.1alan_el_moreESFSee
Spectator HUD Informations0.0.1ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Speedometer1.2AciDCS & CZSeeSee
Admins vs All1.4StarsailorCS & CZSeeSee
Admins vs Others0.2DokTorCS & CZSee
Advanced Slow Motion0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
All Ts have Bomb1.1KensaiCS & CZSeeSee
DoD Style Reinforcements1.3Emp`CS & CZSeeSee
GasNades2.0.0aConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Bomb Plant/Def Money Bonus1.1LocksCS & CZSee
Auto Team Switcher1.0nikhilgupta345ALLSeeSee
AWP Crosshair1.1bHip_hop_xCS & CZSee
Blinding Flashlight0.2.3SLv3x & Simon LogicCS & CZEnglishSee
BombSite Lock0.4BugsyCS & CZSeeSee
BombSite Radar0.2.16iG_osCS & CZSee
Bullet Time Zone0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Buy a Helmet0.3VENCS & CZSeeSee
Buyzone Range0.1VENCS & CZSee
C4 Drop Menu2.0.1tutyCS & CZSeeSee
C4 Management0.2.8ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
CSDM Mod1.80b400BAILOPAN & MiscCS & CZSeeSee
Bomb/Death/CSS Radar1.2eDark & NumbCS & CZSee
CSS Zoom0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
CT Bomb Stealer0.2betaVENCS & CZSee
Custom Maps0.1.1fezhCS & CZSee
Deathrun Shop4.0tutyCS & CZSeeSee
Deathrun Manager3.0.3axPawCS & CZSeeSee
Defuse With Kit0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Dropped Bomb Defuse0.3.2VENCS & CZSeeSee
ESF Admin Unlimited KI2.1tutyESFSee
Fast Sniper Switch1.4NumbCS & CZSee
Fire Rate Control1.08FxfighterCS & CZSee
First Round Knife0.3DokTorCS & CZSeeSee
Free Defuser KIT0.2tutyCS & CZSee
Freeze Tag1.5JaviviCS & CZSeeSee
Freezetime Walk1.00AvalancheCS & CZSee
Funny No Kills0.1DokTorALLSeeSee
Furiens0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Breaking Grenades1.1hornetCS & CZSee
Grenade Touch Damage1.3xPawCS & CZSeeSee
HE damage effect0.2v3xCS & CZSee
Low Hp Heart Beat0.1ConnorMcLeodALLSee
HideNSeek3.0.1ExolentCS & CZSeeSee
HideNSeek [ NoBoosting ]3.0.0ExolentCS & CZSeeSee
HideNSeek [ Semiclip ]3.0.0ExolentCS & CZSee
Extra Hostage Rescue1.0Sn!ff3rCS & CZSee
HP Balancer1.5.1IsoboldALLSeeSee
HeadShot Modes1.3Doc HolidayALLSee
HeadShot Only Mod1.1GillySeeSeeSee
HUD Customizer0.6IgoresoCS & CZSee
Increase VIP Bullets1.2xPawCS & CZSee
Info Zone1.2AlkaCS & CZSeeSee
Kill Money0.1.1ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Knife Speed0.3DokTorCS & CZSee
KZ Multiplugin2.1AssKicRCS & CZSeeSee
Max Weapon Distance1.1H3avY Ra1nCS & CZSeeSee
Min Spawn Money0.4.0ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Don’t Drop The Bomb0.2DokTorCS & CZSeeSee
No Fall Damage0.3v3xALLSee
No HeadShot With Helmet1.1.0Simon LogicCS & CZSee
No Wallshot0.2DokTorALLSeeSee
No Hostages0.1AMX Mod DevCS & CZSee
No Hostage Steal1.4GrimCSSeeSee
No Objectives0.4VENCS & CZSee
No Weapon Drop on Death0.2VENCS & CZSee
No Weapon Drop0.1VENCS & CZSee
Plant Anywhere0.3KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Plant-Defuse-SaveHos0.3KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Pump Knockback (in one shot)1.2v3x & ChronicCS & CZSee
Realistic FlashBang1.0.1GlaDiuSCS & CZSee
Real Nade Drops0.4VENCS & CZSeeSee
Rescue Distance1.0Cheap_suitCS & CZSee
Reset Buttons1.2xPawALLSee
Destroyable Satchel Charge1.2Anggara_nothingHalf-LifeSee
Scout Conc0.1EMP`CS & CZSee
Sell Weapons0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Shields for T0.1JGHGCS & CZSee
Shoot C41.0joaquimandradeCS & CZSee
Shoot Grenades1.1joaquimandradeCS & CZSee
Silent Assault0.2bv3xCS & CZEnglishSee
Silent Bomb1.1fezhCS & CZSeeSee
Simple Knife WarmUp1.0Sn!ff3rCS & CZSeeSee
Slay Loosers0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Sniper Crosshair0.1Hip_hop_xCS & CZSee
Snipers Crosshairs0.0.3ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Snowball War3.06FakeNickCS & CZSeeSee
Spawn with Armor1.0xPawCS & CZSee
Stackable Armor1.1v3xCS & CZSeeSee
Starting weapon0.3JGHGCS & CZSee
SuperHero Mod1.18dBatman/AssKicRCS & CZEnglishSee
surf_ski_2: Jail Remover1.0xPawCS & CZSee
surf_ski_2: Rules Watcher1.1xPawCS & CZSeeSee
Switch Teams On CTs Wins0.0.3ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Team Flash Punish1.1.1ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Team Money1.0Cheap_SuitCS & CZSeeSee
Team No Buy0.2VENCS & CZSee
Thermal Imaging Goggle1.1Cheap_SuitCS & CZSee
TOUR Maps0.5commonbulletCS & CZSeeSee
Unscope Snipers0.180TCS & CZSee
Ultimate Warcraft 31.6.2K2miaCS & CZEnglishSee
Vip Menu0.0.3SavSinCS & CZSeeSee
VIP Objective Balance1.1NumbCS & CZSee
VIP Alternative0.1VENCS & CZSee
Warcraft 3: Expansion1.0.1Ryan/Geesu/…CS & CZEnglishSee
Warcraft 3 XP (English)2.6.3ferret & MiscCS & CZEnglishSee
Warcraft 3 XP (German)2.6.3ferret & MiscCS & CZGermanSee
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (EN)1.6.9bPimp DaddyCS & CZEnglishSee
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne (DE)1.6.9bPimp DaddyCS & CZGermanSee
Warcraft 3 Frozen Throne2.3.2GeesuCS & CZSeeSee
Weapons Crosshairs0.2.3ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Zoom Info0.1VENALLSee

Anti DoubleDuck

Background Sounds1.1H3avY Ra1nALLSeeSee
Bomb has been defused!1.0xPawCS & CZSee
C4 Sprites Timer0.1.0ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
C4 Timer1.1cheap_suitCS & CZSeeSee
Connect Announce0.3v3xALLSeeSee
CTs are Defusing0.3KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Descriptive ‘Fire in the hole!’0.2VENCS & CZSee
Enemy Down1.1v3xCS & CZSee
Enter-Leave Notifications1.3Cheap_SuitALLSee
Enter-Leave Notifications1.4Cheap_SuitALLSee
First Person Death1.0NumbALLSee
GHW Connect Messages1.2GHW_ChronicALLSee
Hostage Down1.1v3xCS & CZEnglishSee
Icons Color Changer1.1xPawCS & CZSee
LoadingSound (Half-Life)1.0[OSA]OdinALLSee
Loading Sounds0.3AMX Mod UserALLSeeSee
Random Bomb Timer7.0SweatyBananaCS & CZSeeSee
Reload Radio1.0xPawCS & CZSee
Vox Round Say1.3aGod@DorinCS & CZSeeSee
End Round Sounds2.1PaintLancerCS & CZSeeSee
Scope Alert1.1xPawCS & CZSee
KZ Silent Healer1.2xPawCS & CZSee
Team Alert2.0.0AllenwrCS & CZSeeSee
Team Alert Light0.0.1Allenwr/ConnorCS & CZSeeSee
Time Info0.2The Incredible “OLO”ALLSeeSee
Timeleft as Game Description1.2joaquimandradeALLSeeSee
Timeleft as Roundtime1.2AcidoX/joaquimCS & CZSee

Anti No-Flash
1.0.7Rul4CS & CZSee
de_aztec_cz Thunder Fix0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCondition ZeroSee
Bhop Detect1.0unknownALLEnglishSee
BOMB Ghosting Fix1.2NumbCS & CZSee
func_breakable fix1.0xPawALLSee
CS Color Chat Function Test1.0teame06CS & CZEnglishSee
CS Color Chat Function Test1.2teame06CS & CZEnglishSee
Crossfire Siren Fix1.0.0Simon LogicCS & CZEnglishSee
de_survivor map fix1.0cDigiCS & CZSee
DeathMsg Fix1.0.3Simon LogicCS & CZEnglishSee
Deathrun Maps Fixer1.7xPawCS & CZSee
DRM: trigger_hurt fix1.3coderiz / xPawCS & CZSee
Entity Info0.4pizzahutALLSeeSee
FadeToBlack Flash Fix1.0NumbCS & CZSee
Fix AutoBuy Bug1.1PomanoBCS & CZSee
Flashbug Fix1.0.6Darkdreams StudiosCS & CZSeeSee
Free Look Crosshair Fix1.1NumbCS & CZSee
Pendulum Obj. Respawn Fix1.0xPawALLSee
Vehicle Object Respawn Fix1.0xPawCS & CZSee
Kevlar Pickup Fix1.1xPawCS & CZSee
Lie Flat1.2NomexousALLSeeSee
Rotate Engine Fix1.2NL)Ramon(NLALLSee
LogEvents Logger1.0.0ConnorMcLeodALLEnglishSee
Message Logging1.16Damaged SoulALLEnglishSee
Anti Autobuy/Rebuy Crash0.1unknownCS & CZSee
No Knife Showoff1.0NumbCS & CZSee
Non-sprite set to glow! Fix1.0xPawCS & CZSee
Real Armor1.1NumbCS & CZSee
Smoke Grenade Features1.4NumbCS & CZSee
Spawn Origins Collector0.1.1fezhCS & CZSeeSee
Spray Bug Fix
Admin Explode1.0.1tutyALLSee
Advanced Weapon Tracers1.3.0ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
AMX Apache0.2.0KRoT@L & Fox-NLCS & CZSeeSee
Buy Gravity2.0Petey B/T(+)rgetALLSeeSee
AMX Ejaculate0.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Ultimate Gore1.7JTP10181ALLSee
AMX Parachute0.1.9KRoT@LALLSeeSee
AMX Parachute (Free)0.1.9-FKRoT@LALLSee
AMX Piss2.3KRoT@LALLSeeSee
AMX Puke0.3KRoT@LALLSeeSee
AMX Respawn1.0f117bombCS & CZSeeSee
Aura Damage1.1Asd’CS & CZSee
Automatic Knife Duel0.4JGHGCS & CZSeeSee
AWP Glow1.0v3xCS & CZSee
Brass Knuckles1.4Cheap_SuitCS & CZSeeSee
Bubble Trails0.0.1ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Bullet Whizz1.4Cheap_SuitCS & CZSee
Super Bunny Hopper1.6Cheesy PetezaALLSeeSee
Buy a Zoom1.2.5afezhCS & CZSeeSee
Buy a Frag0.2.1v3xCS & CZSeeSee
C4 Kill0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Capsule3.4Asd’CS & CZSeeSee
Catch Nades0.1.3KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Catch the Nade0.2VENCS & CZSee
Cluster Grenades1.2doomyCS & CZSeeSee
Colored Flashbangs1.1v3xCS & CZSee
Colored Smoke1.1xPawCS & CZSee
CSS Flashbangs0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSee
CSS Flashlight2.0schmurgel1983CS & CZSee
Custom NVG Color0.3.1SAMURAICS & CZSee
Custom Flashlight0.5.4ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Damage & Death Effect1.3.4YKH =]CS & CZSee
Deadly Radio0.1v3xCS & CZSeeSee
DeathBones1.1.0mogelCS & CZSee
Death And Damage1.2Asd’CS & CZSee
Drop NVG3.2atutyCS & CZSeeSee
ESF Glow by Weapon4.0.0tutyESFSee
ESF PowerUp & Aura Color4.0.0tutyESFSee
Eye Lids0.1jsauce and VENCS & CZSeeSee
Fake VIP2.0.2afezhCS & CZSeeSee
Fall Scream0.2VENALLSee
Fart Mod1.3WreckedALLSeeSee
Funny HL Sounds Menu2.1tutyALLSeeSee
Flashbang Dynamic Light0.30AvalancheCS & CZSee
Follow the Wounded0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Fun Radio0.1VENCS & CZSee
UT Style Floating Weapons2.3GHW_ChronicCS & CZSee
Gib Death1.7VeCoALLSee
Grenade Enhancer1.3anakin_cstrikeCS & CZSee
Grenade Trail1.0JimCS & CZSee
Grenade Jump0.1VENCS & CZSee
Hazardous Farts0.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
HE Arena0.5JGHGCS & CZSeeSee
Head Hunter SmokeGrenade1.6OTCS & CZSee
HE Dynamic Light0.30AvalancheCS & CZSee
Half-Life Media Player3.1.2AMX Mod UserSeeSeeSee
Hostages Fest0.3KRoT@LCSSeeSee
Hostages Models0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
HeadShot Blood1.1tutyCS & CZSee
HeadShot Scream0.1KRoT@LCS & CZSee
HeadShot Slow Motion0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Infinite Ammo0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Infinite BpAmmo0.0.2ConnorMcLeodCS & CZSee
Infinity Flash Bat1.0xPawALLSee
Infinity Chargers1.0xPawALLSee
Instant Knife Kill0.2KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Italy Radio Replacement0.2DokTorCS & CZSee
Item: Jetpack (Simple)0.1AMX Mod DevCS & CZSeeSee
Item: Jetpack (Ultimate)0.1AMX Mod DevCS & CZSeeSee
Juicy Corpse0.3VENALLSee
Jump Menu2.1v3xALLSeeSee
Kamikaze Rocket0.5KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Kick the Nades0.1JGHGCS & CZSee
Healthkit on Dead Body3.3tutyALLSeeSee
Last Man Bets0.9.5JGHGCS & CZSeeSee
Lighting Smoke Nades0.1SAMURAICS & CZSee
Light Smoke Grenade2.0.0tutyCS & CZSee
LongJump Enabler0.2AMX Mod DevCS & CZSee
Loot the Dead3.0Rick O`ShaeCS & CZSeeSee
ModName Changer0.2DokTorALLSee
Monster Camp1.1HoboCS & CZSeeSee
Mortal Headshot0.1.2eXtremCS & CZSeeSee
Multi Jumps0.0.7ConnorMcLeodALLSee
New Round Gift0.1VENCS & CZSee
Round End Blast2.0Anggara_nothingCS & CZSeeSee
NoClip Stuck1.0R3XALLEnglishSee
Paint Ball (Decals)0.1KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Paint Ball (Entities)0.4KRoT@LCS & CZSee
Pick Ammo0.5KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Flight Mode1.0-]ToC[-BludyCS & CZSeeSee
Powerup FX1.2alan_el_moreESFSee
Radio Replacement0.5.0aConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Random Armoury0.2.1JGHGCS & CZSeeSee
Rocket Jump0.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Santa Hat1.3xPawALLSee
Santa Hat1.4xPawCS & CZSee
Scoutzknivez Fun0.5v3xCS & CZSeeSee
Silly C41.1Cheap_SuitCS & CZSee
Skill-glow0.3BoneCrusherCS & CZSee
Smoke Effect0.3KRoT@LALLSee
Sniper Spark / Laser Dot1.1NumbCS & CZSee
Sticky Nades0.1VENCS & CZSee
Super HE Grenades1.1.0pcboyCS & CZSeeSee
Super Knife2.0NoExCS & CZSee
Team Grenade Trail1.2NumbCS & CZSee
Third Person0.1.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Ultimate Fake C40.7KRoT@LCS & CZSeeSee
Ultimate Jedi Grab1.1.1KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Unjust Killing0.2KRoT@LALLSeeSee
Vexd Disco2.0VexdALLSeeSee
Vexd Rocket1.1VexdALLSeeSee
Vexd TripMine (Laser)1.6VexdALLSeeSee
Virus SmokeNade1.4anakin_cstrikeCS & CZSeeSee
Wall Creator1.0AssKickR/FoX NLALLSeeSee
Water Freeze2.1anakin_cstrikeALLSee
Weapon: Rocket Launcher (RPG)0.1AMX Mod DevCS & CZSeeSee
Weapons Icon1.1ZenixCS & CZSeeSee
Advanced Weapon TracersLASERConnorMcLeodCS & CZSeeSee
Weapons Lights0.7.1HiSSCS & CZSee
Winter Environment1.0AlkaCS & CZSee
Worms like Deaths1.3DrekesCS & CZSee